Members: 4-8
Duration: 60 min
Best Time:
Difficulty: 3

Due to extra COVID-19 precautions, we are no longer combining groups. In light of our reduced capacity as a result, we may, in our discretion, enforce group size minimums during certain high demand time slots. If you do not meet the group minimum, please give us a call to confirm at 662-269-4560. It’s 1982, and President Reagan has ramped up the stakes in the Cold War with the Soviets.  One of our top agents has gone missing, and no one knows whether he has defected, been captured, or is just so deep undercover that he has gone off the radar.  As a new agent with the CIA, Director Casey has assigned you to locate Agent 22 and to determine whether he is friend or foe.  But beware - if he really has gone rogue, he might have left behind some nasty surprises to avoid detection, so keep your eyes open and watch for traps!  Can you untangle the web of lies and international intrigue to locate Agent 22 and escape with your life?

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The Office of Secret Agent 22

Step back to 1982 and help the CIA find the missing Agent 22.

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Kristi L. -

The experience was a blast and staff was super friendly and fun. We enjoyed it!!

Gretchen J. -

This was me and my boyfriend and two friends first time ever doing an escape room. It was really fun and I will definitely be going back. Y'all are doing an amazing job. We enjoyed it 100 percent.

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