Members: 4-10
Duration: 60 min
Best Time:
Difficulty: 4

You've won a private dinner with the legendary Harry Houdini, but when you show up at his home, you find yourseslf embroiled in a battle of wits between Houdini and a young rival magician intent on stealing Houdini's magical Book of Secrets.  Are you clever enough to solve all of the puzzles in Houdini's house to save his magic and your life?  Or will you persih along with his secrets?

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Houdini's Challenge

Visit Houdini's New York City home and try to find his magical Book of Secrets before it’s stolen.

Recent Reviews

Greg L. -

I took my youth group and my kids loved it. They made it very enjoyable. We will be going back for the other rooms.

Gretchen J. -

This was me and my boyfriend and two friends first time ever doing an escape room. It was really fun and I will definitely be going back. Y'all are doing an amazing job. We enjoyed it 100 percent.

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