Members: 4-10
Duration: 60 min
Best Time:
Difficulty: 5

You've won a private dinner at the home of world-famous magician Harry Houdini, but unfortunately, it turns out that Mr. Houdini won't be able to make it due to a last-minute conflict.  However, he has a very special favor to ask of you in his absence.  As soon as you enter his house, you quickly find yourself embroiled in a battle of wits between Houdini and an up-and-coming rival magician intent on stealing Houdini’s book of secrets!  Will you be able to solve the puzzles in Houdini’s home to save his magic - and your life - or will you perish along with his secrets?  

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Houdini's Challenge

Visit Houdini's New York City home and try to find his magical Book of Secrets before it’s stolen.

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Ashley A. -

Our family had SO much fun! Very well done and very challenging!! You’ve got to try it for yourself!

Kristi L. -

The experience was a blast and staff was super friendly and fun. We enjoyed it!!

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