Members: 2-8
Duration: 30 min
Best Time:
Difficulty: 4

**Please note this is a public beta test of a new game. That means things may not work perfectly.**   A world-famous archaeologist and explorer has opened up a long-hidden burial chamber deep in Egypt's Valley of the Kings, but he has gone missing under mysterious circumstances. Newspapers around the globe are speculating that he has met the same fate as the archaeologists who opened King Tut's tomb a century ago. The legendary Curse of the Pharaohs promises death to anyone who disturbs the rest of the kings and queens buried in the valley. Do you have what it takes to explore the tomb and find out what's happened to the explorer and his colleagues?

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Kristi L. -

The experience was a blast and staff was super friendly and fun. We enjoyed it!!

Ashley A. -

Our family had SO much fun! Very well done and very challenging!! You’ve got to try it for yourself!

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