Members: 3-6
Duration: 60 min
Best Time:
Difficulty: 5

Due to extra COVID-19 precautions, we are no longer combining groups. In light of our reduced capacity as a result, we may, in our discretion, enforce group size minimums during certain high demand time slots. If you do not meet the group minimum, please give us a call to confirm at 662-269-4560. There's an old saying - the enemy of my enemy is my friend.  In response to renewed political tensions between the Western powers and Russia, a mysterious new online group has presented a credible threat to paralyze the power grids of both the United States and Russia,  thereby thrusting the global economy into complete turmoil.  To combat the challenge, the American CIA and the Russian FSB have assigned their two most trusted agents to work together to gather information to help determine the identity and location of the group.  Gary Smith and Dimitri Borichyov are very familiar with each other, having squared off against each other many times throughout the span of their long and illustrious careers.  They have a grudging mutual respect, and deep down, they know each other is trustworthy – for the most part.  Who are the good guys, and what is really going on? Note: Washington and Moscow versions have identical game play, and may be played either separately or head-to-head.

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Spy Catcher - Washington

International hackers are trying to start a new world war.  Can you stop them in time?

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Kristi L. -

The experience was a blast and staff was super friendly and fun. We enjoyed it!!

Ashley A. -

Our family had SO much fun! Very well done and very challenging!! You’ve got to try it for yourself!

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