Members: 1-4
Duration: 30 min
Best Time: 30:00
Difficulty: 3

The Copperpot family has long since been deceased, but Chester Copperpot was an explorer during his time.  He was a history buff who had mapped out voyages of pirates and settlers to the area, and it's rumored that he even had secret passages in his house that led to one of the areas where he had found treasure.  One of the mines he frequently visited is scheduled to be demolished today, and it is feared that some of his secrets will be destroyed. You have trespassed behind the barriers set up by the city of Astoria in order to to search the mine and determine whether there are any secrets hidden there before they are lost forever, and hopefully, escape with your life!

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The Mine

Find the Copperpot treasure and escape before their old family mine is demolished.

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Kristi L. -

The experience was a blast and staff was super friendly and fun. We enjoyed it!!

Greg L. -

I took my youth group and my kids loved it. They made it very enjoyable. We will be going back for the other rooms.

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