A CHALLENGE Room Franchise System Built by Experienced Franchisees

While escape room industry is new and experiencing explosive growth, already there are challenges facing the first wave of escape room owners. At first the concept was so novel that simple decor, a variety of locks and riddles, and clever game play was enough to earn copious 5-star reviews…all while collecting a good ticket price from customers. But with time everything changes, and part of running a successful business is evolving with that change, preferably near the front of the wave.

Who We Are

The origins for Paradox go back to July 2016 as long-time Anytime Fitness franchisees Mark and Kristie Stevens happened across the concept while on a family vacation. While passionate about fitness, for some time they had been looking for a new challenge where they could apply their talents and experience to build something new. Over the next several months they put together a team of artists, former movie industry veterans, engineers, a 3D animator, and software developers for form the core team of our production company, Paradox Productions.

What We Will Offer

The first and foremost things a franchise can offer it’s franchisees is a solid business model that not only works in one location, but can be replicated efficiently and for the maximum profit for the new business owner. To that point, we are working diligently to develop the model, systems, products, and support that will be needed to launch such a franchise system. We are currently using our own locations as beta test sites to enable us to learn what works best, as well as what doesn’t. You won't have to budget for hiring the best artisans or web designers, or most up to date social media marketing experts. That is what we do for you. We also do the marketplace testing so you don't have to. We are taking those risks and making those investments now and we won’t launch our franchise until we are convinced we can deliver a great experience for both franchisees as well as our end customers.

Partial List of Products and Services

To best serve our future franchisees we are working on the following products and services. Please note that this is a partial list and that, as our rooms often do, there may be a few surprises we have in store to be revealed later.

  • Comprehensive Business Model
  • Exclusive and Exciting Games
  • Props, Decor, and Room Kits
  • Franchisee, Manager, and Game Master Training
  • Website and Booking System
  • Social Media Marketing Support
  • Marketing Strategies, Materials, and Support
  • Single and Multi-location Front and Back Office Systems
  • Location Selection and Lease Negotiation Assistance
  • Financing Support

Want to Know More or Work with Us?

At this time we are not offering franchise locations for sale, but we are collecting the names of potential franchisees. We are also accepting applications for potential team members. If you would like to apply for a position with our company or be put on our interest list, please fill out the short survey below.


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